August 2019   
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Wedding Information Requirements

Wedding Information

1. Couples must agree to meet with Pastor John for 5 premarital counseling sessions, which will be a review of Life Innovation's Prepare-Enrich Inventory.

2. Couples will contact Pastor John (610-459-2911) to provide the necessary pre-inventory information, which he will complete online at the Prepare-Enrich website.

3 Once the data has been entered by Pastor John, then an email link will immediately be sent to each person, so they can individually access and complete the inventory.

4. The cost for the inventory is $35/couple and must be paid by the first person accessing the link.

5. Once both persons have completed the inventory, Pastor John will receive an email notification that the inventory is complete.

6. The couple is to call Pastor John to confirm that he has received the notification of completion and to schedule the first of the five premarital counseling sessions.

7. Fee scale to be sent to couple.